Yay! I’ve ordered some new stuff and it arrived yesterday! A 100 x 200 cm large Evazote sheet, 5mm thick. I want to use this stuff in combination with worblas finest art for my Claymore armor. The regular craft foam you can get here in Germany normally come in small sheets (maximal seize is DIN A3 - I haven’t seen any larger ones yet) and they are not thick enough for my purpose. I’ve already tried to work with a much thicker Iso-matt (these foam matts, that you can get for camping), but the material wasn’t really nice to work with and it was much too thick. So I was looking for a material, that thickness is around 5mm and that came in large sheets and that is quite light weight and easy to work with. So I stumbled over Evazote and I am really looking forward to work with it and to test its properties. Wohoo! I need more time for cosplay stuff! XDDD

Old photos are old! Old costume is old… well, okay, it’s from 2012, so it’s not soooo old. ^.-

But badass 80ies style! Valeria Vertone from Angel Links. I was accompanied by Isadorada and her bf as Meifon Li and Kousei. We’re still waiting for our Douz but I doubt that he will ever be finished finally with his costume. XD

Credits go to:

Meifon Li: Isadora
Kousei: Isa’s bf

Photographer: MissTakashi

Yay, some new cosplay stuff. ^.^
My new Deedlit costume I’ve worn last weekend at Animuc 2014 in Fürstenfeldbruck, Bavaria, Germany.
You can also see my beautiful companion Isadora as a stunning Shiris. We will both wear these costumes again tomorrow at Hanami 2014 in Ludigshafen (Germany). ^.^ This will be great. Credits go to the following people:

Shiris: Isadora

Photos by: MissTakashi

Light (ninja) by: Sikard


We made a Merida Wig from a Fanart Version!

We used around 70 curlers…

a Keiko in Karamell ( http://www.mycostumes.de/Keiko-Karamell )

wefts in copper ( http://www.mycostumes.de/Tresse-80cm-Copper )

wefts in natural blond ( http://www.mycostumes.de/Tresse-80cm-Natural-Blond )

…and time! 

It looks soooo awesome! And it’s mine. *smiles* ^.^

Sparkling stars everywhere! This guy is so freaking me out! It’s just awesome! XDDD

Sparkling stars everywhere! This guy is so freaking me out! It’s just awesome! XDDD